Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gin comes in a sachet

China Gin in Sachet
I didn't actually know and I am not interested nor curious about this fact. It was only by being a tanggera that I came to know that indeed, gin comes in a sachet and I must admit it was quite interesting for tomadors and tomadars out there to learn about this. I saw it with a neighbor who I can say is really fond of drinking and I mean drinking a lot as in there is no time of the day that this neighbor is not drunk.

Gin Sachet in U.K.
The funny thing is that after he gets drunk (Mang Danny), he seem to always find a way to rant on and on and on using words I cannot eat myself being said from my very own mouth. Yes, I am a tanggera but not the kind who blurts out P.I. words or such after I get drunk or after drinking. I may have held a bottle of wine, beer or yes, even gin countless times but I am not that kind who gets out of control with his / her mouth whenever drunk.

Gin in Sachet Philippines
Anyway, for those of you who might stumble upon this short post especially if you are still a minor, please, don't do this. Never drink any sort or type of alcohol. I have stopped doing it and I promise myself not to do it for as long as I have this blog to write in to.

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