Monday, December 15, 2008

Pet Shop Hopping at Cartimar

Pet Hamster
I've always loved having pets around and I've experienced getting myself in to taking care of a hamster (small rodent rat with very luscious fur). I have also taken cared of an orphaned stray cat back in 1979 when I was in elementary school in B.O.E.S. I've tried having a monkey as a pet too and I've failed taking care of a snake because mom won't let me. Today, I am on my way to shop and hunt for pet shops here in the Philippines, particularly in Cartimar, Libertad, Pasay City.

At first I didn't know how to get there but when I learned from a college friend that it is pretty easy to get there especially if you just take a ride at the Lgith Rail Transit (LRT) and embark on a trip to Cartimar station in Libertad, then you won't have to have problems with how to get there. I live in Caloocan City and the LRT station here is just 5 minutes with a trike and 10 to 12 minutes by walk so I have no problems.