Monday, December 15, 2008

Pet Shop Hopping at Cartimar

Pet Hamster
I've always loved having pets around and I've experienced getting myself in to taking care of a hamster (small rodent rat with very luscious fur). I have also taken cared of an orphaned stray cat back in 1979 when I was in elementary school in B.O.E.S. I've tried having a monkey as a pet too and I've failed taking care of a snake because mom won't let me. Today, I am on my way to shop and hunt for pet shops here in the Philippines, particularly in Cartimar, Libertad, Pasay City.

At first I didn't know how to get there but when I learned from a college friend that it is pretty easy to get there especially if you just take a ride at the Lgith Rail Transit (LRT) and embark on a trip to Cartimar station in Libertad, then you won't have to have problems with how to get there. I live in Caloocan City and the LRT station here is just 5 minutes with a trike and 10 to 12 minutes by walk so I have no problems.

Cartimar Pet Shop Center Pasay Libertad

Cartimar is always a destination for pet lovers and you can buy there diversities that you could only think of and maybe even ask the pet shop owners on how to take care of your hamster, pigeon, snake or just about any pet your ever desire. You can also ask how and what to feed your pet with and all sorts of food for your pet is also available there. Pet shops in Cartimar abound by the numbers so in case you want to get there to buy yourself any pet, make sure that you make a canvass first. It is best to go there during the mornings when you can talk of the sellers, pet shop owners and sales ladies (the usual) about the price and try to squeeze them out to puke the lowest price they could sell you an item.

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