Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pisonet Mania

Yes, since I am indeed from the Philippines, then, I must say that It's More Fun in the Philippines! Why, imagine nowadays that anywhere in the slum areas of Metro Manila, you can find what is called cheap internet machine - the Pisonet.

From the name itself, Pisonet is literally a computer mounted and assembled in a wooden safe box where a timer is the one that determines how long a player sitting in the seat in front of the machine will be using it. As per observation, I saw that Pisonet is a 4-minute use for your 1 peso meaning, if you rent a 15 pesos, you will be given 1 hour of use of the machine.

What's good with this business is that the pisonet box is secure while you get to give your customers the option to play on a staggered time basis based on what or how long he or she needs to play in the computer or use it online for any purpose. With the pisonet, anyone and everyone can now have their Facebook account and use the service of the internet without spending so much renting in an internet cafe.

Yes, the Piso net is an internet cafe on the run and in retail minutes made available to anyone who is looking to use it for a certain time at a cheaper option by minutes.

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