Monday, August 15, 2011

Tanggera in English

Master Reviews says - Tanggera is a laymans term for an alcoholic female who doesn't necessarily drink but is the one who gives the glass to he or she who will be the next to drink the beer, liquor or any kind of alcohol that you can drink whether in a social gathering or just beside the street in the Philippines.

Sometimes mistaken as the female version of an alcoholic dude and a chic who never runs out of time to socialize and drink at the same time. A chic who holds the glass all the time and most of the time. She is the female version of tumador or tanggero (male counterpart).

A Tanggera is everywhere and anywhere you can find drinking sessions and so is this blog. The writer aims to get found anywhere you search for interesting stuff you like or hate. It doesn't please everyone but it aims to please the search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing particularly so we may rank high in the search results for any keyphrase we target with our online reviews.


Faith said...

So, I know why you're doing this but if you have an inch of decency, you better delete this blog. I owned this blog for three years and now, you want to bank on the SEO juice. Also, FUCK YOU.

webmaster said...

Hey Faith, you don't get it, you should be thankful I was the one who got it. If it weren't for me this blog could have ended in the wrong hands and use it to promote illegal content like POR* or DRU*S and probably have your name on it.

At least with me you can rest assured that I will use it for a good purpose. Don't worry, I'll change the Title for you instead, that's the least I can do. If I let this go, somebody else will, believe me. Chiao and good luck.